Children's education – education or training?

Children's education

In many lectures I asked the audience: What is 'education'? Some answered 'buy values'. I told them: The Lord also gave the lion a certain value, to be disciplined. Some said 'personal example'. I asked them: If the Lord had jumped through the hoop and the lion followed, would the lion become educated? Certainly not, the lion remains tame. And some would like this education even when the educators are not in the field, and yet the child behaves well.

I said to them: Suppose the master left the hall for a few minutes and the lion stayed alone and jumped through the hoop back and forth, did we say the lion was educated? I'll summarize and tell you that every answer they answered, I showed them to the tame lion. If so, we have returned to the million question – what is education? Let's go back to the lion and ask: Has the lion jumping through the fire hoop become a domestic animal or remains a dangerous animal? It is clear to everyone that the lion remains a prey and cannot be walked on the street with him…

education or training?

If so, why did the lion become disciplined? – It pays him! He wants the meat and is afraid of the whip. And I ask, what will happen to the Lord on the day he stops paying lion to be disciplined? There may not be a master … and already happened several times in the middle of training or exercise, the lion got up and devoured the coach. The same question is asked about Moshiko, what will happen when he grows up and the 'bamba' will no longer attract him and the 'bumba' he will be able to stop? No doubt Moshiko will come back to speak poor words as before. And the father and mother will ask: Where were we wrong, after a few years he spoke well and was educated? And we will answer them: He was not educated but tame. We said you paid for the lion to be disciplined. If so, at a time when the lion was disciplined for his master, what did he do with the wild in it? The answer is: He temporarily repressed it! We were found to have a uniform that taming means – suppressing evil.

If taming is the repression of evil, then education is the displacement of evil. Now we have understood the essential difference between taming and education. Training does not really change one's mind, but merely suppresses and conquers the bad impulses. What is not education, which is to root out or at least refine the bad impulses, and then man becomes better.

By Rabbi Avner Cavass

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